We offer 6-week series classes that are designed to teach students the techniques and skills that allow a more in-depth understanding of various food topics, areas and cuisines. 

Beginners 101 is a beginning series of cooking classes for people who would love to pick up a knife, but are still a little scared to play and have fun in the kitchen. Our Beginners 101 program will introduce you to the world of classic and international cuisines, from the ground up.  You’ll learn knife skills in week one, and then each week will concentrate on areas such as chicken and poultry, fish and shellfish, meat, starch-grains-vegetables and more. 

Beginners 202 is for people who have basic kitchen skills and are looking to expand their culinary knowledge. We will help you practice the skills you have already acquired, and inspire you with new and exciting ingredients. Every week we will explore different types of cuisine to expose you to a variety of ethnic ingredients, as well as some local ingredients you may not be familiar with. These classes will help you to feel more confident creating new dishes as well as using all types of ingredients in applications you may not have thought of.

Intermediate 303 is for those cooks who have taken Beginners 101 and 202 or for the serious home chefs that want to build upon basic techniques and skills. In Intermediate 303 you will enhance your abilities with a wider variety of culinary concepts and flavors. You'll gain confidence in an array of more advanced cooking equipment and develop your menu building and time management skills. Each week will focus on International cuisines and flavor profiles with more intricate recipes. You’ll learn subjects such as mother sauces, handmade sausages, basting, roasting, sous vide and more. 

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